Eliminate up to 100% of processing fees!!

This “Discount for Cash” program is ideal for all Businesses in all states. We use our technology to integrate our process into E-Commerce sites, POS Systems, Virtual Terminals and mobile terminals and use this patented programming to automate the process. Designed so that the business owners can be released from the burden of high credit card fees by paying a fixed monthly cost for unlimited processing. The Discount for Cash program is a simple yet revolutionary program and process that allows merchants, through proper notification to their consumers, to virtually eliminate the cost of credit card processing.

All of our solutions are EMV and ADA compliant, including at the table.



Our “Discount for Cash ” program instantly eliminates credit cards fees associated with merchant processing. We integrate our automated process into e-commerce sites, POS Systems, virtual terminals and mobile terminals. providing instant savings and immediate increased profit. Our Discount 4 Cash program is available in all 50 states, and is ideally suited for any business that incurs transaction costs associated with credit and debit card processing.

Here's how it works

The Discount for Cash program allows unlimited processing for a single, low monthly fee.

Merchants are provided with signage to inform customers that all posted prices are the cash discount.

For transactions where customers choose to pay with credit cards, the difference between the cash price and the credit price is added as a standard adjustment to the total price.

The Program is Simple

All items sold and priced by the merchant reflects the discounted pricing for cash purchases.

All non-cash purchases will not receive the cash discount and the difference will be added as a standard adjustment* to the current marked price at checkout.

*Standard adjustment schedule is available upon request.

The Proven Benefits

  • Cost free processing = ZERO processing fees

  • Accept all major credit cards

  • Increase merchant profitability

  • No more confusing statements to decode

  • No more negotiating processing rates

  • Simple seamless integration with most POS

  • World class customer service and support

  • Peace of Mind with the world’s largest processors

Some of Our Strategic Partners and Strategic Relationships

Some of Our POS Partners and Strategic Relationships



Schedule a meeting with a member of our management team to discuss, in more detail, the services and programs that would benefit your business.

  • Put in place a MNDA.
  • Prepare Savings Proposal for review and acceptance based on your current processing volumes.

Discovery calls or meetings re:

  • Current payment software, systems and equipment being used.
  • Integration requirements, process and estimated time-line for completion based on implementation time-line requirements.
  • Implementation process and procedures delivered to your team for review and acceptance.
  • Training of employees’ process outlined for and with your staff.
  • Review and refine all aspects of implementation and integration with current operations team.
  • Start application and agreement process and review by your staff.
  • Proposal submitted to your team based on the above to determine acceptance of the proposal and determine roll-out of program and time-line.