Square1 wearables offers loyalty and incentives, payment capabilities, event management, real-time accountability, access and tracking, tap and go KYC, secure remote, and band activation authentication.

  • Registration with Facial recognition-VERIFIED
  • Event Tracking, Real Time Audit
  • Who, where, when, how they entered or left
  • Create Muster points or secure Zones anywhere
  • Identify, Verify, Comply, Track Audit
  • Promote and market the “ Brand Your Band “everywhere
  • Interface with all partners in financial and security aspects
  • SMS Emergency Alerts
  • Identify, Verify, Comply, Track Audit
  • Real time organization and security (Identify & Verify)
  • Our bands provide data, security, location and stored value
  • Can be phased in as budgets allow

Loyalty & Incentives

  • Behavior modification through loyalty points, balances, redemption, coupons
  • Real time ID, recognition, and validation of students, faculty, and customers
  • Optimize engagement

Access & Tracking

  • Physical access to all student and faculty areas
  • Immediately locate of each student and Faculty member in the event of an emergency

Event Management

  • Simple and fast access control
  • Eliminates ticket fraud and scalping.
  • Know who is in your venue
  • Ability to remove or grant access in real-time

Secure Remote Authentication

  • Evolve content and service delivery to online and mobile solutions
  • Robust secure and simplistic user experience
  • 2-factor authentication without the need to carry a secondary FOB or remember a password.


  • Secure Open Loop Payment
  • Work On and Off Campus
  • Secure Closed Loop Payment
  • Eliminates fraud
  • Load funds via ACH, Credit, or debit
  • Transaction history

Tap & Go

  • KYC
  • Real Time ID & Age Validation
  • Expedited Registration
  • Facial Recognition
  • Biometrics
  • No need to carry ID

Real Time Accountability

  • Powerful insights and real-time management of customers
  • Enhanced user and management defied dashboards and tools.
  • Reduce

Brand Activation

  • Complete white-label solution.
  • Connect with your customers turning them into brand ambassadors.


Wearable Wristband